We’re different at Koala Counselling

We’re Specialists in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

How we are different

Koala Counselling is different from other counselling and therapy services in that the primary approach is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  ACT is the leading therapy within a new group of psychologies known as ‘3rd wave psychology’ which are built on the previous generation of CBT based therapies.

ACT is a broad-based model (known as ‘transdiagnostic’) which simply means it is appropriate for a wide range of psychological and emotional problems and disorders.  ACT is a science-based, evidence-proven psychology with research showing highly effective outcomes.

Whatever difficulties you are experiencing in your life, you don’t have to suffer in silence! Our trained and experienced ACT clinicians are here to help you.

How we can help you

Our goal at Koala Counselling is to help you, by providing treatment through ACT based counselling and therapy.

Why ACT as a form of therapy is different?

As a psychology, ACT is particularly noted for its compassionate approach, this helps our professional counsellors and therapists work together with clients to build a trusting and supportive relationship.

We will fully support you whilst you learn new techniques and strategies to cope with distressing thoughts, feelings and emotions and deal better with difficult life situations.

Our ACT specialists will help you construct more helpful thinking and behaviour patterns through one-to-one counselling.  This approach will enable you to gradually reframe your thoughts and behaviours while preventing the disabling responses that you will probably have struggled with.

You’ll get all of the expert support and tools you need.

Online support that hasn't lost it's personal touch

During these unusual times, we can offer support and guidance online via ZOOM.

What we can help you with

We offer a unique approach to therapy and are one of the only UK providers to be Specialists in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
Our ACT specialists will help you construct more helpful thinking and behaviour patterns through one-to-one counselling.


Life Changes







Anger Management


Family Issues

Career Decisions

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind” Caroline Flack

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